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About Us

Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse.

Rubikon Shipping Company was founded in 2007. The company has gradually expanded its fleet from year to year, in order to satisfy the needs of the clients and for the overall progress. Starting as a small operator, we have grown into the leading company for transport of the liquid cargo by internal and international waterways.

Today, we offer the services to a wide network of customers, leading gas companies and refineries of the region, as well as to he international traders companies. We also manage the fleet of 14 vessels and operate with it. As the acknowledged integrated company we are included in various activities, such as transport and logistics within the EU.

As a dynamic company we  focus on the transport of the petroleum products and also adapt the fleet and services to our customer’s needs. Rubikon Shipping Company has become the leader in river transport in our region. Our fundamental advantages are in the scope, flexibility and profile of our fleet, services that are oriented to the buyers and in complete devotion to the safety and quality. The quality of our services is based on high quality work done by dedicated and qualified staff.

In strong alliance of all the players in the chain of business, we can offer different types of vessels for transport of different sorts of cargo together with professional and educated staff. This is how we fulfill the market’s needs, improve the values and support the growth of our client’s business.

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