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Health, safety, security and environment are the top priorities of the Rubikon Shipping Company.  Our HSSE department’s main objective is to support the line management on all  organizational levels of Rubikon, while providing health, safety, security and environment protection. The goal is to carry out these kind of activities in each company sector.


We identify and we manage the risks concerning employees, property, clients, life and work surroundings while at the same time we are taking care of the company’s reputation.


Our commitment to fulfill goals, standards and the constant promotion is  already established and presented
by IMS and HSSE policy.


Rubikon Shipping Company provides group of activities as planning, implementation, controling and optimization of inland navigation process in order to ensure health, safety, security and environmental HSSE protection, especially in the working environment. For achivements in HSSE area company has been awarded with HSSE Performance Award by OMV Austria for high HSSE performance and zero lost time injuries in year 2018.


1) The importance of quality and performance of  services

⦁ The company is constantly improving the quality and effectiveness of its services, as well as the issue of sustainable development and overall progress.
⦁ The company provides services that meet legal requirements and clients’ needs and expectations, in order  to increase their satisfaction.

The quality of our services and devotion to our clients and business partners are confirmed by the following certificates: 
 ISO 9001:2015, a quality management system
– ISO 14001:2015, an environmental management system
 ISO 45001:2018, an occupational health and safety management system


2) Respecting HSSE policy principles

⦁ Our company insists that our employees, partners and contractors comply with our HSSE policy
⦁ We apply and carry out good practice of our partners in order  to improve the security of working conditions and environment

⦁ Solving environmental problems and OH&S issues is possible due to the communication between different levels and functions in the organization
⦁ Management and employees show their dedication to HSSE policy and principles through their personal examples

3) The EU laws and regulations

The company operates in accordance with regulations, national and international standards and documents as internal HSSE regulations in order to protect environment 
 The company respects contracts, agreements, guidelines, legal regulations of other countries, rule books and regulations of the local communities


4) Responsibility
⦁ The company considers itself to be responsible for its systems, services and actions
⦁ The company treats clients and other interested partners openly, following the rules of the profession and strong ethical working culture



1. The company constantly creates healthy working conditions in order to prevent possible injuries or endangering the health of employees or the third party. We prevent and identify risks that we keep under control.

2. When we identify the dangerous situations, we educate our staff, so that they could deal with the situations by using newly acquired knowledge and skills
The company regularly determines the factors that may cause the incident, and by constant education of employees or the  third party, it works preventively in order  to increase awareness and responsibility of security at work work and environmental protection.


⦁ training in the offices
⦁ training on the ships (exercise)
⦁ common classes with partners (e.g., OMV) experience -sharing


3. Company defined appropriate documents, guidelines and safety manuals on vessels, so that staff should  be aware on how to react in dangerous situations.


4. We are constantly investing in our fleet and infrastructure.